Guillaume Engel

I am a developer


General information about me

I am Guillaume Engel, web developer

Hello! I am a sport and competition adept since I am a little kid, which makes me see challenge in every activity I start. Therefore I am motivated to ace every project I will work on!

  • 25
  • Everywhere!
  • Tennis, ski, piano
  • IIM De Vinci (Paris)
  • Management of digital transformation (master2)

Some of my abilities

Due to my international education and internships, I learnt to be flexible to any work environment. Those work experiences made me able to have a clear view about the multimedia field.

Front-end - Angular HTML CSS JS85%
Back-end - PHP Symfony85%
SEO - Google analytics, AdSense80%
Wordpress - CMS90%

My creations

List of the main projects I worked on


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